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Waterproof System

Property managers know that protecting facilities from the damage that water can inflict while providing safe deck and walking surfaces is one of their most important responsibilities. Fortunately, Superior Floors West can help with systems for waterproof decking on balconies and around pools, and solutions for protecting and beautifying parking areas, walkways, or rooftop decks.

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With quality waterproof deck systems for both concrete and plywood surfaces, Superior Floors West provides long-term, cost-effective solutions that look beautiful and can protect from chronic water exposure, while giving property owners and managers an excellent return on this most important investment. Superior Floors West deck waterproofing system is designed for application over plywood surfaces as well as for installation over concrete. This makes perfect basecoat system for any resinous or cementitious system over wood subfloors.

Formulated for plywood surfaces, the ALX™ system integrates acrylic resins and cement blends into a reinforced, galvanized metal lath, then finished with a variety of our top notch finishes. It can be laid over plywood to create an attractive, concrete-like finish that’s durable and waterproof, with options to reduce heat, resist slips, or other requirements.

MACoat™ is our fiberlath-reinforced deck system engineered for use on above-grade concrete and reinforced plywood decks. It’s excellent for the restoration of elevated walking surfaces or any area subject to heavy foot traffic. It can be applied to new decks or existing deck systems.

  • What exactly does “system” imply?
    Our Waterproofing systems are a step-by-step application process of rigorously tested coating products that  can provide superior performance for waterproofing applications that meet building standards and codes.
  • How does it differ from similar systems?
  • ALX is the only IAPMO evaluated metal lath waterproofing system that meets the following standards:
    • Class A Fire Tested
    • One Hour Fire Rated
    • Class I Vapor Retarder
    • Option for a 20 Year Warranty with ALX Pro
    • Wildland-Urban Interface certified

We are an factory trained & authorized contractor for all of our systems we provide.